CTE Month® and NASA HUNCH 2019-2020 Student Video Challenge

ACTE and NASA HUNCH are excited to host, in our second year, the student video challenge, celebrating career and technical education (CTE) and project-based learning programs.

Purpose: Offer students the opportunity to showcase the application of CTE and project-based learning programs in high-demand 21st century career fields on Earth as well as in space.

Goal: Inspire students by sparking their imagination and creativity as well as broadening their knowledge about STEM careers through the CTE Month and NASA HUNCH student video challenge.

Video Challenge and Theme: Living and Working on the Moon and Beyond

  • Celebrate the 50+ year anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission by “looking back and looking ahead” — discuss some ideas of what lies ahead in lunar exploration and colonization.
  • The moon is our closest planetary neighbor (average distance of 384,400 kilometers or 238,900 miles). Feature a project (hosted on Earth or the moon) that could advance our understanding of living and working in extreme environments.
  • Showcase a future scenario on the moon that incorporates CTE and/or project-based learning.

The contest is open to middle school (6th-8th grades), high school and postsecondary students in any CTE or project-based (hands-on) class or program, or NASA HUNCH school. Students may enter as individuals or as a team.

Video Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline to submit your video is on Monday, March 2 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  • Video entries must be 2 minutes or less in length and include name of school, year (2020), and names of video creators and participants (credits)
  • Sound cannot be over 0 dBFS.
  • Entries must incorporate the CTE Month and NASA HUNCH logos.
  • Entries must incorporate the following message, presented as text on-screen and/or spoken by talent: “Learn more about career and technical education at ctemonth.org and NASA HUNCH at nasahunch.com.”
  • Videos must be a minimum video resolution of 1280 x 720 format, or an audio independent format (e.g., Instagram square composition).
  • Teachers and students will need to fill out different forms that can be found here. The password is HUNCHTALENT (same as last year). The new Talent and Authorization form is simplified and contains several dropdown boxes. On the first screen where it reads “HUNCH Program associated with your class,” check Video/Media (HUNCH-ACTE Collaborative Program). Students under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the form as well, which will require a parent’s email. Students and teachers who fill out the Talent Release before Tuesday, Feb. 4, will receive a NASA HUNCH certificate at the end of the school year.
  • To finalize a submission, email the YouTube link to videochallenge@acteonline.org and provide a phone number, email and mailing address for both student and educator contacts.
  • Entries that contain music or other copyrighted media must be accompanied by proof that entrants have the expressed permission of the original copyright holder. The following are examples of appropriate proof:
    • The name of the song along with the receipt from the school’s purchase of the song
    • A link to the website or Youtube video featuring the song
    • A signed letter or form stating that the music was created by a student in Garage Band or another program and that the student has been given permission for the music to be used royalty free

Please note: ACTE and NASA HUNCH retain the copyright on any submitted material and reserve the right to use the material in any way or format they see fit. Entries cannot be used for any commercial activity.