The Office of Career and Technical Education (OCTE) at the South Carolina Department of Education is sponsoring some Information Technology and Computer Science Professional Learning Opportunities (PLOs).  All of the sessions will be Virtual via Zoom.   Please use the registration links provided below to register for these events.   More information on the PLOs can be found at the registration links as well.

Please note that this is not the 30 hour PD that allows for the teaching of the Introductory Computer Science courses.  That PD will be announced at a later date. 



Registration Link

Curriculum Survey

Oct. 10

Machine Learning / AI

Oct. 17

Impact of Computing

Nov. 14

Nifty Assignment

Dec. 5

CS Discoveries, Part 1

Oct. 3

CS Discoveries, Part 2

Nov. 7

CS Principles, Part 1

Oct. 3

CS Principles, Part 2

Nov. 7