As we transition, during the 2019-2020 school year, to ALL high school students required to take Computer Science (not keyboarding) for graduation, we want to make sure that teachers and students have all the resources they need.

Please join us on September 28, 2019 for sessions related to teaching and learning Computer Science and computational thinking.

CSTA Day The Citadel pd professional development
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story-thumbnail is hosting multiple 1-day workshops across the state this fall for CS Discoveries and CS Principles.
The Citadel pd professional development
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All Lowcountry CSTA and CSTA South Carolina members need to update their membership by following these instructions.
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Are you looking for an opportunity to keep your students engaged outside the classroom? CSTA is thrilled to offer educators across the United States the opportunity to start a Computer Science Honor Society (CSHS) in their high schools. This CSTA program encourages secondary students’ enthusiasm for computer science, honors academic excellence, and promotes service. 
By starting a chapter at your school, you will instill the program’s three core values in your students; recognize students who excel in computer science; provide student leadership opportunities, and support your school and community through meaningful service. Read more about the program and start an application today!
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