The Office of Career and Technical Education (OCTE) at the South Carolina Department of Education is sponsoring some Information Technology and Computer Science Professional Learning Opportunities (PLOs).  All of the sessions will be Virtual via Zoom.   Please use the registration links provided below to register for these events.   More information on the PLOs can be found at the registration links as well.

Please note that this is not the 30 hour PD that allows for the teaching of the Introductory Computer Science courses.  That PD will be announced at a later date. 



Registration Link

Curriculum Survey

Oct. 10

Machine Learning / AI

Oct. 17

Impact of Computing

Nov. 14

Nifty Assignment

Dec. 5

CS Discoveries, Part 1

Oct. 3

CS Discoveries, Part 2

Nov. 7

CS Principles, Part 1

Oct. 3

CS Principles, Part 2

Nov. 7

Learning Blade for Remote Learning
Dear SC Educators,
You should have received an email from State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman and OCTE Director Angel Malone that was a  memo to school leadership announcing that they are providing your school a license to the Learning Blade Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) career awareness system for use with remote learning and beyond.
Learning Blade is a system of interactive online lessons and printable at-home activities for 5th to 9th graders, where students learn about STEM and Computer Science careers while reviewing academics. Students can use over 400 online lessons in 12 human-centered "Missions" or stories to explore these exciting careers.  
Questions about Learning Blade can be directed to 
Thank you.
Now that summer is approaching and more and more people are staying home, what plans do you have for your summer? Right now is the perfect time to get trained and certified in IT and MOS, and we can help you, and best of all, right now, it's free.

USA Science & Engineering Festival SciFest All Access USA Science & Engineering Festival announced a new program, SciFest All Access, coming to you virtually this summer! Participants of all ages can engage directly with the Festival’s sponsors and exhibitors to experience 100+ virtual STEM activities! This FREE virtual event will be a graphical depiction of the live Festival to include exhibitor booths, pavilions, and lounges with demonstrations, videos, games, and more.
Register for SciFest All Access to receive more information as it becomes available.